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At GMP Pros, we wake up to bring new ideas and improvements to the world and to find a better way for everything™.

GMP Pros® is a team that is hard wired with a natural curiosity about how things work.

If you know us, you know that we always seek to find a better way for everything.™ We believe in never-ending improvement whether in equipment, systems, processes, or people.

GMP Pros® Leadership Team

Stephanie Clark

Founder & Co-CEO

Shamlynn Francik

HR Department Leader

Colton Kulback

Engineering Operations Department Leader

Justin Tome

VP, Business Development

Grant Wallace

Systems/IT Department Leader

GMP Pros® is a certified Great Place To Work®!

GMP Pros was founded by two corporate survivors who wanted to build a company that values and invests in people. We invest heavily to support our team in the areas of compensation, benefits, operational support, mindset, soft skills, growth, development (leadership opportunities, trade shows, and continuing education), and training. We think of our team in everything we do! 

Our heavy investment results in a company culture where people collaborate and help each other to do their best work and where people feel acknowledged and valued. We encourage our team to share their ideas because the best ideas come from our team. We enjoy bringing their ideas to life! At GMP Pros, we wake up to bring new ideas and improvements to the world and to find a better way for everything™

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GMP Pros was founded by two corporate survivors
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

We provide the right people and the right solutions.

At GMP Pros, we wake up to bring new ideas

The GMP Pros Difference

Our proprietary system is an easy button for our clients. GMP Pros® provides self-managed project engineering and technical support services to help our clients in FDA-regulated industries unlock the full potential of their engineering projects. Our professionals have a unique combination of technical expertise and soft skills.

GMP Pros® engineers possess unrivaled technical expertise. Their ability to analyze data, design innovative solutions, and solve complex problems ensures precision, efficiency, and cutting-edge results. With their technical prowess, we deliver exceptional quality and meet your project’s unique demands.

GMP Pros® engineers also excel in soft skills. Their outstanding communication, collaboration, and leadership abilities enable seamless teamwork, efficient project management, and effective client engagement. These valuable skills help our engineers bridge the gap between technical complexities and your business goals.

Take a peek and see what we specialize in!

Project Excellence

By having engineers with both technical and soft skills on board, we guarantee top-tier project execution. Their technical prowess ensures technical excellence, while their soft skills drive effective communication, collaboration, and client satisfaction.

Project Excellence

We have an internal support system behind the scenes to ensure our project teams are successful. The result? Outstanding project outcomes that exceed your expectations.

Trust and Reliability

With engineers who excel in soft skills, we prioritize trust and reliability. Effective communication ensures clarity in project requirements, updates, and timelines.

Trust and Reliability

Our team's commitment to collaboration and client engagement builds lasting partnerships based on trust, transparency, and effective decision-making.

Innovation Catalyst

Our engineers' technical skills fuel innovation, and their soft skills catalyze creativity and collaboration.

Innovation Catalyst

Through a dynamic blend of expertise and interpersonal skills, our team generates groundbreaking ideas, fosters a culture of innovation, and delivers solutions that propel your organization forward.

Competitive Advantage

You gain a competitive edge by partnering with us and our engineers.

Competitive Advantage

The FDA sets and enforces strict standards for food production, processing, packaging, and distribution to protect consumers from harmful contaminants and deceptive marketing practices.

Ready to experience engineering excellence with a touch of brilliance?

Choose GMP Pros®, where technical expertise and soft skills merge to create unparalleled project outcomes. Let’s embark on a journey toward exceptional results together!

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Current available positions